The Real Hussein, Gilded Romance & Molten Metal Jet-Stream

Stewart & Janet are back with a very large and explosive December 25th, Expansions News Podcast!

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11 Responses to The Real Hussein, Gilded Romance & Molten Metal Jet-Stream

  1. Simone says:

    Your outfits get better with every week!! One day you won’t have to shop for clothing anymore, because your fans provide you with everything. ;-)

  2. Aman Nakagawa says:

    The march to a virtual society is being imposed in so many ways. Kids, teens and adults are glued to their phones, ipads, computers – sedentary activities that are replacing physical and in-person social activities. Sexbots have been in science fiction, fantasy genres and comic book for decades. Human beings being born into pods connected to a virtual world is already here.

  3. Gina Cetnar says:

    I read about sexbots on Facebook and the comments were really interesting. Many women said they would want one. Having it record every word and move would be scary. Nothing is private anymore.
    Like your hat, Stewart! You looked a genie with that snow-globe!

  4. Ann Gilson says:

    I was wondering why there has been no mention of Pizzagate/fake news /false flags, pedophilia problem in general on your podcasts?

  5. dolphinwaves says:

    your news podcasts always make me smile! :) Interestingly in connection to the Aurora, Illinois news you shared; a mall here in Aurora, CO has been evacuated after multiple fights and “a large disturbance” broke out.

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