Divine Intervention in Israel, Salonist Spies & The Orgasm Clock??

Stewart & Janet are back with a very large and explosive December 12th, Expansions News Podcast!

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5 Responses to Divine Intervention in Israel, Salonist Spies & The Orgasm Clock??

  1. dolphinwaves says:

    another hilarious podcast lol. Send Al Gore and Chelsea to the moon. I want a therapy pig!!!

  2. Rodica Boncioaga says:

    I thought that you do not believe in ISIS as being a therorist organization at all , but something else .Now you are Talking about their ancestors ???? Some of your readers or viewers like myself have a good memory!!!

    • Stewart Swerdlow says:

      Maybe good memory, but not so good understanding! ISIS is a creation of intelligence services. They use the descendants of the Assyrians in order to fulfill Illuminati prophecy. You need to come to the Jan class.

  3. Rodica Boncioaga says:

    Thank you for clarifying that for me ! I appreciate you taking the time to do that ! I will love to attend to many classes ,unfortunately my life is not giving me that luxury at this time !What do you think about the books written by Peter Moon with Radu Cinamar ?Did you have a chance to read them ?I am Romanian and for me is fascinating that one of the most knowledgeble person on the planet , along with you ,Al Bielek,Cameron and Preston ,took the time to write about my small and humble country.I will like to know your opinion about that ! And if you know anything about Romania, I know that you said that one of your ancestors was Romanian . Thank you !

    • Stewart Swerdlow says:

      My mother was Romanian. I have been to Romania and traveled the entire country. I have a lot of info, but too much for here. I will not comment on the work of other people.

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