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“Live Your Life With Supreme Confidence – Attract Happiness, Good Health and Beautiful Relationships by Appreciating Both the Positive And Negative As Teaching Tools”

Achieve extraordinary inner shifts using the world-renowned techniques developed by mystic and spiritual teacher Janet Diane Mourglia-Swerdlow.

Janet – internationally renowned Oversoul Intuitive – shares powerful self-improvement techniques that connect you directly with God-Mind. Learn how to use her techniques to implement major changes with ease while you remove your own mental obstacles and doubts. This unique book enables you to:

• Quickly find your own answers

• Know by “Knowing”

• Be proactive instead of reactive

• Release old, useless habits and mind-patterns

• Install lasting and effective change

• Recycle your Energy

• Grow younger and more youthful

• Use color and design to bring out all your potential

• Consciously communicate with your Oversoul and God-Mind

• Attain happiness and peace of mind

Decoding Your Life shows you how to literally “reprogram” your soul-personality to help you attain your loftiest goals.

Janet shows you how to create amazing results by taking you step-by-step through her highly powerful techniques. Thousands worldwide effectively utilize her methods to implement life-changing habits with ease. Now you too can impact your life in ways never before imaginable.

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5.00 out of 5

4 reviews for Decoding Your Life

  1. 5 out of 5


    “Decoding Your Life” is truly a work of high art. Every time I read passages from this book, a hidden wisdom(s) inside myself clicks into place. My life and its patterns, negative and positive, reveal themselves to me by using the tools and answering the questions posed in this book. I have gone through layers and layers of myself, and although it has not been easy, or a ‘quick fix’, I have begun to recognize how I operate; why ‘I do the things I do’, and how to positively change myself gradually so I build a strong foundation to grow from. I highly recommend this book, because not only do you decode your life, you begin to understand everyone in your life, why they are there, ‘positive’ and/or ‘negative’, and how to use this information to navigate a full and happy life.
    My life and my view of life is ever transforming into something greater and more vivid. There are ‘simple’ tools in this book that reveal the intricacies of our existence, as well as answer the everyday questions we all have. This book requires a partnership, it will not do the work for you, but as you go along, you will find the ‘work’ to be easier and easier, and fun!
    When I first started working with this book, I was in a fog about where I was going in my life. I now have a clear direction and I am working everyday towards fulfilling how I truly want to live my life.

  2. 5 out of 5


    This book has truely changed my life and helps me to find a direction, an understanding of myself no matter what area of my life or how deep I wish to go. When I met Janet I was really in “my own world” – this book in a valuable tool because it explains so much of what we as humans are made up of. It actually helps me to reconnect with myself, my mind and body. A skill I think a lot of us have forgotten how to do in this busy world we live in. Janet finds a way to help those who wish it and are willing to do their work. Thank you Janet, this book is amazing!

  3. 5 out of 5


    Decoding Your Life is an absolute must-have! I don’t know where to begin! Using the simple techniques in my daily life has helped me immensely, in all different areas. Studying this material I have started to change myself and my life from the bottom, up. I still continue to re-read this book 2 years later; there is so much information to understand and apply. Words that I could only understand conceptually have turned into my own experiences. This book will be a life long companion. Who doesn’t love to learn about themselves? This book is really all about YOU and decoding your own fascinating mystery!

  4. 5 out of 5


    Back in April 2016 I wrote out affirmations using your 5 step process from Decoding Your Life. My main focus was to release the conditions that cause me to hide behind my fear and self doubts. This led to shining the light on my patterns of behavior. From there I focused on releasing each condition.
    It dawned on me this morning the affirmations attracted and opened up unexpected pathways to work on these fears. I officially joined Toast Masters this morning. It was my 2nd meeting and I got to talk in front of the group again. I’ve been attracting lots of opportunity to speak in front of groups of people this year, shortly after I wrote out those affirmations. This is the pathway to surpassing my fears and self doubts that have held me back in the past. I had no idea that Toast Masters existed when I wrote out these affirmations. It’s the perfect place where I need to be right now.
    Affirmations do work!

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