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Expansions WELCOME package

  • Price: $188.00
    Receive YOUR Very Own Personal Particulars Scan - Value: $152

    Hyperspace Helper - Value: $17
    Decoding your Life - Value: $26
    Stewart Says - Value: $17

    That's right, we are GIVING you THREE FREE BOOKS to say "WELCOME to" because we want YOU to Explore the Language of Hyperspace Immediately so you can Finally Take Control of Your Life Beginning NOW!

    Do YOU know what YOUR "T-Bar" is?
    How about YOUR Personal Numbers & YOUR UNIQUE Color Codes?
    Would you like to know which one of your "Chakra Bands" needs the most attention and why?
    And what about one "Personal Affirmation" that can begin helping you RIGHT NOW?

    Well, you get all of this when you get a "Personal Particulars Scan"
    -short, concise, to-the-point practical; easy to understand and implement.

    Whether you are NEW to Expansions or you just want to see what is going on with YOUR SELF, this is an ideal package to get you up and running.

    Already have these books? This is a FABULOUS way to get some FREE Gifts to Give or Lend to Relatives, Friends, Co-workers and Colleagues so you can keep Your Personal Copy JUST FOR YOU!
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    Your books posted today; your scan will come via your email. Welcome! Thank you for taking the time to explore “Hyperspace/Oversoul” tools and techniques–it gets us excited, too! :)

  2. 4 out of 5


    I just orderd and paid for two of the books you offer in this package. Is it possible to cancel the books and purchase this package?
    Thanks for getting back.

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      Please contact Patricia at Thank you.

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      Please email and let Patricia know what you ordered and what you want instead. She will help you sort it out.

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