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Spring 2016 “3 Day Group Fast Webinar”


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3-day fastSpring 2016

3-Day Group Fast  Webinar

March 29, April 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

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Do you need more energy?

Better inner and outer health?

Do you have issues that need to be “cleared” up?

Do you want to get ready for Janet’s “Clear Energy Health  & Healing Spiritual Tour”?  (Do you know that the locals say their water makes you pee more because it detoxes you?)

What do you have anchored into your cellular structure that needs to be removed from your life?

Who and what bothers you? Or do you even know?

Do you have buried issues that you need to pull to the surface; issues that unbeknownst to you adversely affect your everyday life?

Gaining control over your food and drink sets the mind-pattern that says

“I NOW gain control over my  life.”

Complete “3-Day  Group Fast ” Webinar includes:

6 Meetings, 1 hour or less each depending upon questions, comments, discussion.

3 FREE PPV Webinars (value $186 FREE)

Janet’s Daily Support –Priceless!  J

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  1. 5 out of 5


    I had never fasted before and was very interested in doing so, but with so much varying information out there I didn’t know what to do or where to start. The times I had tried I was unable to go beyond 36hrs before I gave in to hunger.
    When I did the fasting webinar last year I learnt so much about myself. Now when I’m out about and too busy to eat and get that nagging urge to put something in my mouth I laugh at my antics to fool myself and just get on with what I’m doing and the so called hunger goes away. A drink of water helps too.
    I was able to still do my usual things. Creating a more clear flow for my psychic energy and connect to universal energy, feels great. Until that last day came, I’d been undecided whether to break fast that night or go till the next morning. I’d decided to do 5 days, which I did. The moment I decided to have dinner that night my body began preparing for the intake of food and I suddenly started feeling low in energy. As dinner drew closer I began to feel hungry. I was fascinated by this because my body was clearly responding to my mind.
    I learnt that I eat mainly because I’m bored. I eat dinner because it’s social, but being home on my own most days I can go without food and be comfortable. 24hr fasts are now easy.
    I learnt that when the body is empty it thinks it’s hungry at first. When it’s truly empty, that’s when the energy begins to flow.
    I’m aware I have loads of mental and emotional weight that I continue to release, a little at a time. I know that’s better than not releasing at all. I just get impatient at times, even though I’m learning the value of slowing down.
    I’m looking forward to doing another group fast again, but will be missing this one. I know I can do it on my own now, but the support of doing it with a group was amazing!
    If you’re undecided about this I can totally recommend doing it. There is no pressure at all. You decide upon your own procedure and there is nothing but support whether you reach your goal or not. The suggested viewing of the previous webinar is super important for preparation and you may find yourself going into a natural fast at the same time.
    There is nothing like group support and when I did this fast many of my local friends were telling me that they wished they’d known because they would have joined me.

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      Maybe you should start a local fasting group? Thank you for your thoughtful testimonial. Fasting IS an amazing experience when you understand that it is about MIND.

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