The White Owl Legends

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The White Owl Legends: An Archetypal Story of Creation

When Janet first showed me Agnes’ hand-written journal containing THE WHITE OWL LEGENDS, I immediately knew that they were so full of knowledge that they needed to be shared with others. Simply by holding the journal I felt the presence of Agnes and Chief White Owl telling me that the legends needed to be transcribed from Agnes’ hand-written notes and interpreted. Even though Janet and I were busy with other projects that seemed more important to us at the time, they were both insistent that their works be interpreted and published by 1997 — the jubilee year of the first official UFO sighting . In fact, they told me that my work was to be completed by Thanksgiving — the day that officially ended the Native Americans’ free reign of the North American continent.

Because I have the ability to see auras, read mind-patterns with their corresponding archetypes and symbols, and interpret the language of hyperspace, I agreed to the task (as if I really had a choice!). As I read each legend either Agnes or the Chief immediately told me which words or phrases to interpret and gave me their meaning — I simply wrote down what they told me. When the last one was completed, Agnes left abruptly. However, the Chief still remains as of this writing. We are not sure if he has chosen to be our permanent companion or if there is still some unfinished work to do with the legends. Time will tell.

We sincerely hope that you will enjoy the legends and their meanings. We invite you to make your own interpretations, and that through these legends your life is enriched and your mind expanded. We wish you peace on your sojourn in Earth Lodge.

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