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Do you want to Explore Metaphysical  Concepts with Others of Like-Mind in YOUR area?

This is a prime opportunity to host a gathering where together you can share ideas and EXPLORE All Things Metaphysical using Hyperspace/Oversoul Tools and Techniques as your foundation.

Send your contact info to Patricia with your details and make something happen in your area.  No need to be “A Lone” when we are “All One”.



St. Joseph/Benton Harbor Area

I am starting a  new “Expansions Quest Group” .

This is a group for individuals on a Quest of Self-Discovery & Exploration,  For those that want to know the truth of their life and circumstances and to move forward & surpass accordingly.

The “Quest Group”  will based on the work of Janet & Stewart Swerdlow, including their books “Decoding Your Life” & “Hyperspace Helper”.

The 1st meeting is this Sunday the 23rd at 6pm. (approx 2 hrs).

Suggested donation: $10.00.

Contact: Patricia



Welcoming  people from Western Mass, Albany Capital District, Southern Vermont, etc.

For those who are committed to digging deeper and taking FULL responsibility for Self.

Hostess – Alison Hilary Corbalis

Where: Columbia County, NY

When:  Sunday’s 4-6pm

Suggested Donation: $10 – for space, and home made treats!


‘Decoding Your Life’, ’1099 Daily Affirmations for Self Change’  by Janet Diane Mourglia-Swerdlow,  ‘The Healer’s Handbook,  by Stewart A. Swerdlow,  Dream Imagery, Color Tone Archetype Exploration, General Upliftment and  Self Improvement.

CONTACT: Alison Hilary Corbalis    website:



Putting the word out there to all of you Connecticut and New England Expansion fans. Come join us for an in-person group discussion of Hyperspace and Oversoul. This group will explore the concepts developed in Stewart and Janet Swedlow’s books and videos. We are located in central Connecticut in the town of Wallingford.





Hello to all the Expansions members and readers out there. The quest group for Brisbane Queensland is forming up and it would be great to see everyone there! All are invited to attend the group from beginner to advanced or even if you have a friend who is interested, all are welcome.

Please send me an email to so we can work out a time that works best for everyone. Presently the location is at West End, close to the city.



Hi Polish people! Here we can start together, step by step, one and only, based on Janet and Stewart’s work,  The Quest Polish Group. We can talk, learn, study ( including “Decoding Your Life” and ” Hyperspace Helper Books”), practise techinques and try to answer questions never been answered before. When we stand together, it’s our finest hour, and  we can do anything. Looking for others to join Polish group. Located in Lodz.

Contact: Madlen



I’ve only been exploring Hyperspace/Oversoul Tools & Techniques for about 1 year, but I find my life is changing, I am finally getting answers to lifelong questions, and finding out who I am for the first time in my life.  Looking for others  who want to share results of their own Hyerspace/Oversoul work and explore paranormal/metaphysical topics.

Contact: Heather:



Hi all

If there are any Expansion fans wanting to explore, build a support group or simply discuss “who is the pretty one” in Stewart’s  world do get in touch.

Contact: Katarzyna,

Location: SW London / Surrey , UK




10 Responses to Quest Groups

  1. Sabrina Rodriguez says:

    Hi how do I shift myself back to who I am after someone zap me with there energy work also I am looking for a green book that belongs to my son and I please helpMe find it

  2. eva healy says:

    Currently experiencing lots of skull/head/nerve pain sensations, started about a week ago,not sure if its some kind of attack or my own healing process? any advice will be appreciated.

    And hello all.

    • This would really be a Personal Consultation. An attack can be a healing process. :)

    • T.Rose.9 says:

      Dear Eva,
      I may just know exactly what you are talking about. I have just signed up for a consult but wanted to tell you that a salt bath will stop it. Start keeping a calendar and see if you can find a pattern. Dark of the moon? 11.30pm, or 2.30am…same night of the week? also, try salt around where you sleep, even salt lamps. best of luck! and do not faint!

  3. Ruben says:

    Hi, I recently had a email conversation with a couple interested in attending Quest group Brisbane and as I went to reply a few days ago the email had disappeared along with my sent mail, conversations and it’s not even in my trash! I did not delete these and i’m wondering if I have been sabotaged?! Either way if your out there Brisbane Quest seekers, i’m making a beautiful space for the group, please contact me!

    • Patricia says:

      Hi Ruben,
      We have been having quite a bit of email issues since around November as well.
      Although I think it is something globally being done. And of course, our mind patterns to attract the issues :)

  4. Alessandro Mucci says:

    Hi everyone,
    I want to meet with other people , interested in meeting people with sovereignty as a goal of life.
    waiting to hear from another human with the same goal.

  5. Patricia says:

    Hi Alessandro,
    We do have people in Italy that follow our work. You could start your own Quest Group. It is a matter of hosting the meetings vs being the expert. Everyone works and explores through “Decoding Your Life” & “Hyperspace Helper” together.

    I would recommend joining us in the Self-Healing group webinars. The next Session begins this Wednesday.We have members that are unable to be availabe for the actual call but listen to the recording afterwards and turn in their homework and then listen to the recording of the next call for feed back and the new home work.
    We would love to “see” & “hear” you there.

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