meetings in Higher Astral/Hypetspace Plains

IIs it true that world 'leaders' and Elites can hold meetings onthe Higher Astral/Hyperspace, rather than trtravelling to physical places to meet? A researcher stayed that certain ro numbers in Hilton hotels worldwide were utilised for such non-physical based memeetings. Just curious

2 Responses to meetings in Higher Astral/Hypetspace Plains

  1. Stewart Swerdlow says:

    If they met in the astral, why would they need a room at the Hilton??

    • Sharon Daiken says:

      I am surmising frim this researcher, Max Spiers that the Hilton family have heavy elite links and that certain room numbers hold particular energy vibrations. Maybe he had it all wrong and that aatral meetings can take place anytime, rather than going to sleep in certain hotel rooms. Again just curious as to how the elites and their lackeys hold non physical realm meetings, apart from seeing each other at rituals and ceremonies

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