Stewie’s Neighborhood, Three Parent Babies Begin & Xe Gender Is Here!

Stewart & Janet are back with a very large and explosive December 18th, Expansions News Podcast!

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12 Responses to Stewie’s Neighborhood, Three Parent Babies Begin & Xe Gender Is Here!

  1. Simone says:

    T-shirt looks great on you – and is a perfect match with Janet’s clothing!! :-)

    • Stewart Swerdlow says:

      Thank you! All because of you! :) I’m surprised that there are hardly any comments on the podcast. Makes me wonder why I bother.

      • Ritva says:

        I liked the neighborhood section. I would like to see more outdoorsy segments. Maybe the lake next? As a cat lover can you show the cats once? Dog people have seen the dogs. The news is so depressing on its’own.

        • Stewart Swerdlow says:

          Not going to the lake in this weather!! You’ll have to wait for Spring. Sorry. We have shown cats in the past. But, they are locked in the basement now because they have been very naughty! They are wanted for cat burglary.

  2. Gina Cetnar says:

    Love the crunching of the snow as you were walking outside! You can hear the coldness. My snow walls are bigger than your snow walls :)

  3. Norma says:

    I like your snow walls! :-)
    Every time you report on happenings around the world, I tell myself that surely things can’t get anymore bizarre! And, along you come, and they do! Three parent babies??? And a requirement to call transgender people Ze??? I still have issues with people not wanting to call me Ms!

  4. Narelle says:

    Thank God for global warming, otherwise it would be colder! ;)

  5. dolphinwaves says:

    nice Dale Earnhardt jacket! The Russia blame game is getting old. Zazzle is awesome I ordered a bunch of Expansions stuff it is all really nice!

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