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I just watched the final show of a television show I have been following called “Sons of Anarchy”.  After seven years this show came to an end.  It is a show about a motorcycle gang in Northern California. In the end the main character (Jackson Teller, the president of the biker gang called “Sons of Anarchy”, hence, the title of the show) chooses to die, chooses his death.  For this scene, the Illuminati symbolism was off the charts alluding to the taking of Communion, the ultimate sacrifice, with the ritualistic eating and drinking of flesh and blood.  Of course, the use of the number 13 showed up in the name of the highway he was on (Highway 580) when he chose to ride his motorcycle into an 18 wheeler in oncoming traffic. The end of the episode was very drawn out with the message being that of choosing one’s death, that the ultimate power and control lies in choosing one’s death, in choosing one’s ultimate sacrifice.

For me, during the entire episode all I could see was the clear juxtaposition to how, by doing your and Janet’s work, one learns to choose one’s life. Your work, your symbology is about life and no longer about death.  Your work is also about how death no longer has to even be a choice, and one is no longer living to die Your work is also about learning how to live.  Your work is life, living, live, being, and on and on, all things truly powerful, not this insane culture of death, destruction and nothingness.  Nietsche (sp?), as far as what he said our culture is truly about, had it right.

I have often heard others tell how when they were children they couldn’t wait to grow up and become an adult, so they could have the things they perceived adults had, i.e., independence, autonomy, power and control.  I never felt that way when I was a child, because my perception of the adult world was one of limitation, hopelessness, despair, powerlessness, and loss of control. Another reason my life as an adult has been so fruitless.So Stewart, in ending this long rant I want to say thank you for teaching me to live, for giving me the tools to create the life I want and the life I can live, and also for showing me how to see the truth.

Also, thank you for giving me the certainty of life and fruitfulness so that when I do watch shows like this I see so clearly the antithesis of the Illuminati’s vision of death, destruction and sacrifice.

All my best,
Yvonne G.

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“Since interacting on this site I have completely surpassed a lifelong eating disorder and a severe anxiety disorder. Something must be right about Expansions :) I started the healing process before ever knowing this site, but since I started writing in and became a regular, my positive healing mind pattern was boosted a million fold. I asked for help and I was led here. Everytime I write here, I am asking for support from myself and from others here. And I receive exactly what I need, and I know I help others by writing here too.”

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