Worldwide Assisted Suicide, Lead Bible & Snow: Hawaii – Dubai!

Stewart & Janet are back with a very large and explosive December 4th, Expansions News Podcast!

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5 Responses to Worldwide Assisted Suicide, Lead Bible & Snow: Hawaii – Dubai!

  1. Mark says:

    Breaking news.. just recently announced that the judge approved count.. and is also pushing for the main states. Michigan will be counted:

    It’s all a game show with these politicians

  2. Alison Hilary says:

    I wonder if Melannia Trump’s cyber bullying campaign will just be a cover for carrying out internet censorship? I’ve seen a lot of news lately in mainstream talking about ‘fake news’ and cracking down on it.
    Trump is already costing the city but I’m sure the NYPD loves it; more overtime money, fancy machine guns, blockades, etc. NYC is quite the military operation and just a corporate matrix now.

  3. dolphinwaves says:

    supposedly a person driving by just saw her on the road and she was released because the abductors were hopeful for ransom money from the husband. I for one was laughing out loud, my moo goo gai pan came out my nose :)

  4. Yvette Salcie says:

    Funny podcast! Can’t eat or order Chinese/Asian food without laughing now : )

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